Collected Wistdom

Instant gratification is not the recipe for happiness. Let’s take a look at how cavemen searched for happiness, long ago…

Sigh. Happiness is not like a microwave oven. Nor like the Internet. Not even like a doodadder. Happiness does not run on the instant gratification system. Happiness takes patience. Lord, please grant me the patience I lack…and I want it now!

It was my first meeting of “GA”. This is not AA (Alchoholics Anonymous). It is not even AAA (American Automobile Association). It is GA…Grinches Anonymous. This is roughly how the meeting went.

Some barstools are practical. Others are practical

After the traditional knock-knock jokes, bar jokes

You know what happens when some dude

Say What? So in a conversation with

Many people have atrocious spelling. Even intelligent

Don’t let the convenience of a credit